horse laying system


The Laying System - Questions

Q. How much money can I make per day?

A. It depends on your staking levels, if you are betting to smaller stakes you will make £50-£200 per day, once you have built up your betting bank and start using larger stakes you can make £500 or more daily.

Q. What betting bank do I need to start with?

A. We recommend a 10 point betting bank, preferably a 20 point betting bank and recommend laying each horse with a 1 point stake.

Q. How do I lay the system selections?

A. You can either lay them online using the many betting exchanges, betfair, betdaq, or can phone the bets in with an exchange.

Q. How many selections are there?

A. It depends on the time of the year and the quality of racing, however on average you can expect 1-3 system horses to lay daily.

Q. What is the average price of the horses layed?

A. The horses the system selects are false favourites, favourites which have little chance of winning and are likely to get beaten. The average price is around Even money of all the horses layed to lose.

Once you have layed the false favourites to lose on the exchanges, a majority will get beaten and you simply collect your winnings time and time again.

We all know how hard it is to make profits backing horses to win and trying to find winners consistently, take the easy route and make substantial profits laying short priced horses to lose consistently instead using my Laying System.

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